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Excavation in Anoka

When Anoka home or business owners need prompt, dependable excavation services, they entrust the expertise of J.P. Premier Excavating Inc.

Our highly trained and skilled team of specialists work with diligence and precision to ensure great results. We use the latest in high-efficiency equipment and machinery for a neat, even excavation.

You’ll appreciate our outstanding customer service, great rates, and wide range of capabilities.

From new constructions and additions to septic systems and pools, our excavators can oversee your project expertly.

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Anoka’s Top Excavation Company

Since opening our doors, we’ve developed a strong reputation as the leading local excavation company. How? The reasons are numerous, but we like to think it comes down the following:

Unrivaled Expertise

We possess years of experience and an immaculate record of achievement. We’re not just contractors. We’re masters of our craft, and we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the industry.


We combine our expertise with an unprecedented level of professionalism. Every member of our team is punctual, respectful, and courteous, ensuring they treat every property the same way they would treat their own. With us on the job, you can trust that you have a diligent staff who will see your project through to the end.

Superior Workmanship

Digging is our stock-in-trade, and no one does it better than we do. Unlike many contractors, we take pride in our work, and we ensure that all excavation is performed flawlessly. Safe and sound, dependable, and impeccable.

Personalized Service

As an excavation company, we take the time to get to know you, tailoring our services according to your precise needs and the goals of your project. Plus, we’re flexible. We’ll be happy to work around your schedule, collaborate with other contractors, and adjust our work according to your budget.


We use efficient labor practices to speed up our service times, reduce the costs of our labor, and save you considerable amounts of money. The result? Faster excavation, lower prices, and the same high caliber of workmanship for which we’ve come to be known for. You’ll have a hard time finding another excavator who can do so much as we can at our rates.

Commercial and Residential Excavation Services

The first step of any construction project is the foundation, and the first step of the foundation is of course the excavation.

The structural integrity and durability of your construction depends on the foundation. It is crucial that the excavation space is stable, level, and structurally sound. Trying to excavate yourself, without the proper equipment and knowledge, can quickly derail your project.

The excavation specialists at J.P. Premier Excavating Inc have been providing outstanding residential and commercial excavation services to Anoka residents for years. Over that time, we’ve helped set countless construction projects on the path to success, ensuring that they proceed according to plan. We use a full range of heavy-duty machinery, including excavators, compressors, loaders, specialty hand tools, cranes, and a fleet of various sized trucks. Our projects are managed by our onsite project supervisor, ensuring the work proceeds swiftly and on schedule.

To receive a free quote for our excavation services, reach out to us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, prices, and schedule of work.

Industry Leading Land Excavation

Our industry-leading land excavation specialists expertly navigate around water mains and other obstacles on your property. To do so, we utilize a state-of-the-art inspection procedure, carefully examining the terrain so that we can map out any underground infrastructure. That way, our work remains problem-free, and you stay stress-free.

We ensure that once the excavation has been completed, your property is left in an orderly state, prepared for the construction process. We’ll provide a smooth transition to the next stage of your project, minimizing interruptions, saving you time, and saving you money in the process.

We use only the latest, most innovative equipment to perform our excavation services. This means you receive not only the highest quality of service, but the fastest as well. We are committed to working safely and neatly on your property, minimizing disruptions to life as usual.

We look forward to putting our years of experience to work for you!

Extension Excavators in Anoka

For additions or extensions, J.P. Premier Excavating Inc can facilitate permits, blueprints, and other aspects of your construction project.

Extending your home or business’s space will offer countless advantages in terms of convenience and resale value. As an excavation company, we’re committed to getting you the most out of those advantages as possible. By working quickly and efficiently, we lay the groundwork for a safe and secure construction project. On-time, up to code, and within budget—that’s what you can expect from our services.

We boast speedy turnaround times on all addition excavation. We’ll return your property as quickly as possible. That way, you can proceed with construction in a minimal amount of time.

With J.P. Premier Excavating Inc performing your excavating, you can be certain of having a durable, perfectly-installed addition. No more, no less.

Our Excavators Provide Pool Digging and Other Services

If you are installing a swimming pool, J.P. Premier Excavating Inc’s excavation services are the ideal place to start. We ensure that your pool space has been well excavated and re-enforced.

If you are installing a garden but the terrain is too rocky, we will carefully excavate and loosen the soil, making it ideal for garden creation.

When you are building a new space or extending an existing one, you can depend on our expertise to ensure that the area is perfectly squared, leveled, and cleared of accumulated debris.

A Team of Excavation Specialists in Anoka

No matter the task you need to be completed, we have the resources to take care of it. Our excavation specialists have the equipment and know-how your project needs! We’ll see to it that your job gets done on time, within budget, and up to the exceptionally high standards. Flawless workmanship, fast turnarounds, superior customer service—with us, you can expect nothing less than the very best.

To learn more about our residential and commercial excavation services, or for a free quote, contact J.P. Premier Excavating Inc today!